Or So I thought

This is my first time here. Could be my second time. I may have an account I signed up for under another email 5 years ago, and then never really posted anything. It’s entirely possible.


I would have considered myself a social media whore. Still do to an extent. After all Blogging is a part of that. I would never tell someone else to stop FB, or twitter. Hell I am still on twitter for business reasons.


Today has been fascinating. Maybe it was last week. I’m pretty sure it was last week. I went through my facebook and removed people I just had no interest in. Took them out of my feed, then proceeded to add people who I would want to see in my news feed.


I logged in and noticed every page I had ever liked was populating my newsfeed. It was rather frustrating for me. I wanted to keep in genuien touch with those who mattered to me. If I can’t see there stuff then how on earth am I supposed to do that?


Do you see now what took me an hour to realize? Maybe you do your on the outside looking in.

So right away I was like that’s it I am going to leave FB and move over to Myspace. <—— seriously????? I made a profile checked it out. Then realized this.


Social media the way I saw it was always a great platform for many things. It’s the fast food information highway.


Just like all things there is a time, place and now a days a time to implicate them.

I made a resolution. How am I going to keep in contact with all 71 friends?


I will get all their emails I thought. That really made me think. Wait do I really want all 71 of these people to have my email address?

That’s when it really put everything into perspective for me. Who Do I want to have my email? Who do I want to talk to on a regular basis? Who did I really want to invest my time in?


Well four of those people were in my house. So that was already off the list. A few people have my phone number. I’ll keep them. Then the rest I asked for their email and got. 71 quickly shrank to 4 family members and 13 friends. The Irony half those friends were people I grew up with.

My point is simply this. If you have a populated list of friends on a social media site. What is it gaining you? How long was you’re last conversation, would you invite them to your house? Company BBQ. Trust them with your email and phone number.

The quality of time that I want to give is great. I want to give them actual quality time. Not just a quick like.



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