I am a Bisexual female who is a little sick of not talking about it.

I was going to say something like. Oh wow I forgot this place existed. What a great place to hide out on. I don’t think many of the people I know are aware I have an account here. It’s a great place to hide out on. You know what all of those statements are true, but fuck it.

I have confidence that the few people I have given this link to either.

A:forgot about it.

Or B: They will always be behind my family and I no matter what.

So if you read this and I didn’t tell you on Social media XYZ. It is for the other person.

This blog is for me. And it is totally personal.

For the past 20 years my husband and I have been fighting and scraping by to just survive. It hasn’t been miserable. It’s been amazing. We have had our rough spots.We have stopped on occasion to help out our family, friends, acquaintances, and the occasional stranger.

Raising three kids as a young couple has been busy and a bit of a roller coaster. However the entire time has been a non stop roller coaster since we have been together.

It might be said that we didn’t have much time for our selves. I would have said that was not true. We made the time for our selves.

We are just like any other family out there. We read, we have our opinions. And we keep moving through the cog that is other wise called life.

Ever just have those months that just feel like you are on a fright train? Maybe they are weeks, or just a few days.

You know the routine. You can replace work with school, or career, or car with buss, bike, or walking. You can replace kids with animals, or other family members.

I think the routine has a pretty familiar formula.

Monday through Friday. Get up get ready for work, go to work, work, drive home, maybe stop by the store, come home, eat, shower, maybe do laundry, clean house, an hour of entertainment go to bed, Rinse and repeat. Weekends clean, laundry, maybe some errands. Or maybe your house isn’t that bad. You decide to binge watch TV instead. Squeeze in a hike, a stop at a club, maybe a movie with friends or family.

Then Monday comes we all rinse and repeat. During this constant ride on the conveyor belt, we get thrown curve balls that cause us to slow down a bit. We all pick our selves up, some faster than others, and we continue our place in “society”.

My life has pretty much been like this since I was 13 for me.

I have had a few things, Life altering events that have caused me to hit a brick wall and stop. They cause me to reevaluate things. Like what am I doing here? Why am I still here?

I can count at least several instances where I have had to stop and really take a look at what is going on.

When I was getting married I told my boyfriend that I was not straight. He took it well. We have had a few girlfriends in the process. Even moved one in with us for a short period, Didn’t know that meant we were poly. Oh well I am a slow learner. I just know what I like and we do it.

One might say this makes our relationship strained.

I am not going to say we have not had our issues. That would be a flat out lie.

Our relationship has always been strong. Mostly because we have always been open and honest. This has also made our children open and honest too.

Recently things have slowed down a bit. Work is not nearly as hard. Kids are older, have their own routines going. My spouse and I have had some time to really have time for us.

Maybe it was because all of our  old ties are gone, it makes this whole process easier. My spouse came out to me that he is in the wrong body.

So it turns out that after all this time I have been a bisexual woman married to a straight man. Not so much actually. After 20+ years my husband/wife has told me how she really feels. I told her she hit the jack pot with me. Since I love both sexes, and love people for who they are. So as it turns out I am a bisexual woman who has been in a lesbian relationship. Do I run NO. I love who I love no matter what they are. My kids? They are fine with it. Because winning with good parenting has been awesome sauce.

However now that we have come to a complete stop we can really see us for who we are. Our family is full of LGBT so we have always stayed in touch with what was going on. News, laws and so on. We have been submersed into the transgender community. I am continually upset that more people have not been as easily embraced.

We have always been who we are and we love each other for it. We love who we are. We love our family. Everyone should love there family. I have to say though if your family doesn’t love you. Then I have this to say. As harsh as it may sound you didn’t pick them. If they don;t like you then don’t bother wasting time with them.

Now I say that like it’s easy. It’s not I know that. It took me 35 years to let my mother go. It was a long hard lesson. One that some people may have to endure. Just know that as hard as it is. It can be done, it does, hurt, it will get easier, and you are not alone.

I should re read this for typos, and grammar. But I am not.  If you don’t like it then leave me alone 😛


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